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Sometimes it is okay to take a breather

You know what happens when you complain? Someone will tell you a way to fix things to stop complaining. In this case I was grizzling that I’m suffering from a dead brain, an absent muse and the hangover of Daylight Savings starting this weekend here in New Zealand (don’t ask me why we have it so early in the spring, I wasn’t listening.)
So any way I got told to find a pretty picture and write something to go with it. So I found a picture, and I set my mind to it. And all I got was terrible terrible writing. I had planned to share here what I wrote even in an unedited phase but honestly everything I wrote was bad. Now I’m not saying that to get a flurry of “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad” comments. I know when I write something that is wooden and forced and dismal. We all know those passages, the ones that don’t flow and seem to be written almost entirely in clichés and end up with little or no point to them. That is what I wrote because I am simply trying too hard to write something for the sake of writing something.
Sometimes prompts work. Sometimes they do not. This is the later. And that isn’t a bad thing. Today I am tired and today the muse is comatose aside from the couple of replies I did get out and maybe for today that is okay. I do not have to knock out a couple of thousand words a day and no one else expects me to. Why should I?
So I am just going to let that pressure off. Oh and focus on the payroll again now that my break is over….

Oh and in case you were wondering about the picture that nearly inspired….

Pretty isn’t it. Maybe inspiration will still come….


What I really do

Not a real post, I just really like this image and wanted to share it.

Okay so some days this is a little true though it’s been ages since I’ve played Free Cell or alike. But I’m doing good, I have been putting the effort in where it counts and oh my god the results. But I’m sure that is what I think I do….*grins*

A rambling man…well woman

What is amazing to me is how brain dead I can get when I haven’t been writing, all I’ve been doing is collating written passages for different stories together. I far prefer the writing. The brain dead from either, not so much.

It’s been a good few days for Sam and I with our writing, we’ve had a couple of super sessions where we have burned through quite a few words on quite a few stories. I love it when that happens, when the muse just hits and runs. I think it’s because we sorted an issue. We had an issue and because we’ve had issues before we talked about it and we managed to move beyond it. Sometimes it isn’t easy to say when there is a problem with someone else and the way they are writing, feelings can get easily hurt when you have a creative person involved and more feelings can get hurt when there are two. This time it was me who was dropping the ball and I am glad Sam pointed it out.

It’s hard though isn’t it? None of us like to be told we are doing something wrong, but we need to know if we are to stop doing it, well if we don’t realise that we are and I know that I am oh so good at living with my rose tinted blinkers and just not seeing things at times. We were typically girly about it though, Sam told me, I felt bad, she felt bad for making me feel bad, I felt worse that she felt bad… yeah we’re pretty troublesome aren’t we? But since we had that little blip things are back to awesome and the muses are happily chatting away and telling us these stories we want so much to share with you all.

Speaking of which.

I am still working on Nyssa but not much. I’ve taken that little break so I can go back and look at it and actually see the problems. I’m too close to it at the moment. So I want to work on some other things, we have one of our zombie short stories which I’ve had a little play with at editing. Something we are thinking about releasing so we can share it and get you guys something to read. Some of you have already read the beginning of the story of our dear Astrid and Aidan, most of you have not, and none but us have read the majority of it. So hopefully those of you who have read the start want more, and those that haven’t read any are now just a little curious.

And I’m rambling again; I think this is just a bit of an update and a ramble kind of post today. You’ll get those from time to time from me. The deep, question the universe and question the state of the universe of writing posts won’t come every day. Or every other day for that matter.

It’s hitting dinner time though so I should probably stop rambling and leave you all to contemplate who Astrid and Aidan are just what trouble they have been getting into with the undead population….enjoy that contemplation.

I concur.

qui est in literis

Proposition: All stories are, to some extent, allegory.

Yes, writers often write to entertain, to divert people from mundane life, to get the stories out of their heads. Often, it is no more than that. As someone who was writing stories since I could hold a pen and telling them before that, I always hated English teachers who read all kinds of ridiculous symbolism into books. Take The Yellow Wallpaper, for example. We all know that the wallpaper itself translates into both bars and eyes, the bed nailed to the floor is marital slavery, etc. But what does the pen represent? What pen? Why, the pen with which the narrator writes her recollection! The pen that is never actually mentioned in the story! It’s the most important symbol of all! In the end, I made up some BS about the pen representing the narrator’s bid for intellectual freedom and…

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A closed door gathers no distractions

Back in 2006 I read Stephen King On Writing. I took a lot away from it, including the concept of writing with the door closed. I did that. Literally. I took the spare computer out to the garage, set up a desk near the punching bag and each morning I would come out shut the door, do an hours work out on with the swiss ball and the punching bag and then I would sit and I would write as I munched away on seaweed rice crackers and drank water. In six weeks I wrote 115,000 words approx. and I also dropped a dress size.

But now, now I don’t write with the door closed, heck I don’t even hold off on sharing writing all that much anymore. My partner Sam gets to see everything pretty much, raw and in all its glory. Is this a good or bad thing? Often I will post things up on the character in question’s tumblr, or maybe share it with my other friends and writing people. I didn’t do that with Nyssa, still haven’t. Sam has read it but there is another person I am dying to show it to but I am resisting, I am keeping it closed to the world as I go through and edit it. Now this is hard for me, I’m a Leo, I thrive on praise and knowing that people like what I’ve written and getting feedback. (So if you haven’t already go and read Babypire and tell me that you like it, do it now, yes right now, this post will wait, I promise I won’t write anymore until you are back. Are you back? Good, we can continue.) Now it’s not exactly closed door writing for Nyssa but it’s the closest I’ve done in a long time, and what happened. On my holiday I knocked out nearly 40,000 words in just shy of two weeks and finished the story. This is a good thing. So I’m wondering if I should do that more. Stop just writing in spurts for my own personal writing, take one solo project on and run with it. Keep from showing all in sundry until it is finished. I am thinking that I might just set myself a goal for November, write Babypire. No word count to meet, nothing like that, just a deadline, to take Babypire and finish it. I’m assuming at this stage it’s going to be a very long short story or a novella, it doesn’t seem to have the complete substance for a full blown novel. So I won’t be doing NaNo as such, but I will be taking the chance to set myself a goal and achieve it in that month. After all according to the pagan calendar that will be the first month of the new year so why not take the chance to make it a good month. I just need to focus again and keep the door closed. But don’t worry Sam, I plan on locking you in the room with me *winks*