Sit down and write

Okay so I might have stolen this from Neil Gaiman’s tumblr. But it was what I needed to see this morning when I was looking through my downloads folder. And what do you know, I followed the advice and I wrote 4007 words in one sitting. And that included getting distracted at times by the pretty shiny posts elsewhere. I should start turning off my internet when I’m in a hardcore writing session. But that takes strength and honestly I think I lack that strength these days. As I’ve had pointed out to me, I’m barely away from my phone since I got a smart phone. That should really change, and over summer it might a bit more. I can’t see sea water mixing well with a phone and I tend to spend at least an hour swimming once I’ve done the bay watch run and dive into the water. Point…right…sorry. So I sat down and I wrote, I’m going to try and do that every day of my two week holiday. Let’s see if I can get Nyssa closer to completion. We (Nyssa and I) are at 46823 words, I’d love to get it to 90000 by the 16th of the month. Let’s see how I go. It doesn’t hurt to see oneself goals. Or to refer to oneself as oneself either…


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