Just do it

What is that you are asking? Well maybe not, most of you I’m sure worked it out straight away and made a little scoffing noise in your throat. For those of you confused, that my dears is a round tuit. It’s a pretty cool looking one I must say. I’ve been meaning to a get a round tuit for years. Haven’t we all.

Well actually I can’t say that anymore because I am in fact getting around to a lot of things. Not saying I am using all my time effectively yet or that I am getting everything done that I want to or dream about but I am getting around to a lot.

Granted  I am more than three quarters through a two week break so I have had time to get to doing things but even before that I was getting serious. Look at Nyssa’s story (well you can’t it isn’t finished for you to see yet 😛 ), I am nearing the 70,000 word mark and for me that is amazing. It’s six years since I focused on anything this well. And I’m doing so while still writing for the Children of the Immortals and for Team Secret Squirrel (not in italics because that isn’t really what it is called, that is just what we call it.) This kind of works for me because I can’t seem to just keep my muse focused on one single point in time. Okay rambling off point again. A round tuit. The reason I selected this was because I was thinking about the writing advice that keeps popping up. Finish. Whatever you are working on FINISH! And I honestly mean to finish what I start; I just never get a round tuit. Well now I have one, sitting there, right on my blog so I really do not have any more excuses. And generally that is all I have, excuses, and highly lame ones at that.

I’ve learned that the only way to get anything finished is to just do it; to stop the excuses, to say no to the distractions, even ones that are fun. If I want writing to be my job then I have to treat it like a job, not something that comes second to veging out, to goofing off, to going out for dinner and dancing (actually if I was to be taken out dancing I might take the night off), to just do, to write everyday as much as my poor brain can take. And look how well I’m doing (I may have just had Brucie Forsythe in my head “Didn’t they do well.”)(And may have shown my age just a little bit).

I am setting myself goals to achieve and I am achieving them. Granted I still have a long way to go, I’ve never really edited anything, and I still don’t know much about self-publishing and publishing and agents and which is going to best and actually be possible. But first things first. I have my round tuit, and now I can finish something. Still have a small hope of the 90k mark for Nyssa by Sunday but maybe it would be more realistic to aim for the completion of her story by the end of the month.

Getting tuit.


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