So I am lost for words. I have finished the first draft of Nyssa’s story and I do not know the words to describe how I feel. I can’t remember how I felt when I finished the first draft of Eiridis 6 years ago but this I think is different. I am just… really I don’t know. I am giddy, I’m excited, and I’m scared…really the best way to describe it is “All the feels.”


It is exciting that I have finished this first draft, that the story in its first form is complete. There is still a lot of work to do of course. And editing. Ug editing. I really do not enjoy this part at all. Might be why I avoid it and Eidiris isn’t finished. But it shall be done.

I’m scared about what comes next, the whole how do I publish this, what do I do, because I’ve never gotten this far before. But I guess I should get the story to a polished and finished place before I let that worry me too much.

For the moment I am just so thrilled that I am finished. I wanted to finish the first draft before my holiday ended. I managed with a day to spare.

So I’ve been told to dance around and have a drink now. I think I just might.


2 thoughts on “FINISHED!?!?!?!?!

  1. That is so much awesome, sweetie! I finished Rise of Hawk on New Years eve and it was the best feeling. Books are such hard things to create. Congrats! :3

    If you need a hand (other than editing because I have so much editing I can’t add any more to the list), let me know. I’m still a newbie at this self-publishing thing, but I’ll do what I can to help. *hugs tight*

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