Get lost with me?

I write because I have to let the voices within have free reign (#thevoicesarereal) but also because of this picture. It came up on Facebook yesterday and I shared it with the note “This is what I want to do.” Because for me that will be the mark that I am a good writer, if I can do this to people, if I can create worlds and characters that are real and compelling enough that the reader just gets lost for a while.
That is how I am with so many books, people ask me how I can read the same book seventeen times and I’m like, well it’s like going back to friends and good memories. I get lost in books, I get lost in the worlds created and travel with friends and when stories and series finish sometimes I am just left with that hollow feeling of “Okay, what now?”. I am the kind of person who does not want to put down a book for fear it will continue on without me. I want to create that. I want my readers to get caught up and lost in the moment, to want to know more, to need to know more.
That, not sales, will be how I know I am a good writer.


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