To write or not to write

Welcome to Monday morning, at least here in the land of Oz, well no…that’s across the big watery ditch, this is Middle Earth, Narnia, or I could be boring and just call it New Zealand. Today marks the return to normal life, and work. I’ve had two glorious weeks off and look at all I have achieved with it. Now begins to the struggle for balance (yes there was a reason for that picture of the scales.)

I know it’s something most of us struggle with, to find that balance between work, family life and writing. It’s not an easy balance to find I’ve found, especially when you factor in the kind of breaks we need to keep ourselves sane. And sometimes life just gets down right distracting. Like right now as I attempt to write this post my 4 year old is yelling Mickey into the TV speaker trying to get the mouse’s attention because he needs to tell him something, very cute and also very distracting. But in a good way.

So where was I, on right balance. So today I need to get back to finding that balance, to still work, to still have a healthy family and friendly life and to still get work done on Nyssa and the other manuscripts. Some days it isn’t going to be easy. Some days I can work 8.75 hours with little in the way of breaks and by the time I get home my brain looks like something Dorothy threw a bucket of water over. I’m melting I’m melting. It’s hard to focus on the less fun concept of editing once dinner has been gotten, a child has been played with and put to bed and I just want to have a whisky and unf over a few tasty treats on the TV. But that is going to be what I have to do. Still nothing compared to what Stephen King did in the early days.

Am I going to be successful finding the balance? I don’t know. Am I going to lose my mind often? Probably but here we go. Let’s see if we can do this thing.


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