The power of a character

Characters have a way of getting into your head and not just the ones we create ourselves, or even the ones we interact with if we role play or write with another person. Characters we read about and come across get in our heads too. Well in my opinion, the strong well developed characters do.
Case and point – Last night I dreamed about @vampireflynn. I don’t recall much of the dream but what I do remember was coming back to my apartment (which I don’t own) from university (haven’t been there in over ten years) and I walked into my bedroom to find a gift waiting on my bed. The silver duvet was all nicely made and laid out and on the middle there was a gorgeous knife surrounded by a beautiful design of blood drops. In the corner of the room lurked a certain vampire with a grin that was wicked and smug and well, anyone who has come across Flynn can probably picture it quite well.
Now this is in fact a character I have interacted with in a Role Play sense, long before I knew he was larking about in his own stories and yesterday there was some silly interaction along the lines of being adopted by said vampire as his knife girl. So I know where the dream came from, but the fact that the character permeated so far into my psyche says something. (Maybe just about me and the state of my psyche but we can let the men in white coats have a coffee break before we get to that.)
That is the kind of characters I am trying to create, that I hopefully have created. The kind of characters that have a real personality and a life of their own. The kind of characters that people feel a connection with, that they adore or loathe (hopefully as they are meant to), that they feel like they have this friendship/bond with. I don’t think all authors and writers do that. I can read a story and enjoy it enough but then I put it down and the characters are forgotten. I want to create characters that people think about, that they want to talk to or yell at, that they want to come and revisit again either in a new story or to go back and read the old one again. I want to create characters that might be lurking in your home in your dreams leaving gifts and experiences for you.


4 thoughts on “The power of a character

  1. This nearly brought a tear to my eye, dear. I am flattered whenever one of my characters resonates with a reader, or even a fellow roleplayer. Thank you; you made my day.

    Flynn says I need to stop being such a sap. But I believe I catch a beam of pride radiating from him as well. 😉

  2. Flynn definitely leaves an impression, that’s for sure. I dreampt about him after I spent the day reading Eyes of the Seer, he was most awesome to meet in the dream world. 🙂

    Someone once told me that as a writer, those characters that I got the most emotionally involved with, would automatically be the characters my readers would too. So, I think that as long as YOU love your characters and you write from that place of love, then you don’t have to worry too much about making characters that are lovable.

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