Murder your darlings

I remember a few months ago Sam and I took a knife to one of our stories and brutally murdered it. At the time I was filled with emotions, stories that we had created over the space of a year were just gone, no more, Jaidee and Baen ceased to even know each other and were most definitely not betrothed. All that effort was gone… lost, lying dead in a ditch with barely a “Rest In Peace” to be whispered over the recently deceased. We instead took the story in a very different direction, we tried a couple of different things, some didn’t work at all but some did. Oh dear lord did some succeed. We’ve just finished part of one of the new stories, a glimpse into the past for the Fae we have come to love so much. And wow, it is so much better than the stories we were creating. Not to say that Jaidee and Baen didn’t have some fantastic stories but this, this is just better and we’ve had more fun creating it and we are far more emotionally invested in it; which ties in to something a friend remarked the other day on a comment on one of my blog post, that if you are emotionally connected with the character then the reader should be able to far easier.
But my point here is that all those months ago finally understood the idea of murdering your darlings, but now I agree that it should be done. I shouldn’t be afraid to cut ideas, stories, even with all the effort I have put into creating them (Or we have put into creating them). It was only through killing those stories that something better could be created.
That said I doubt it will be easy to do again moving forward, I’ll still have all the emotions as it happens, but I will do it. I know why I need to do it now; after all death is only the beginning.


One thought on “Murder your darlings

  1. You know what, though? Baen is way more of a badass now. He’s more worthy of the new love he’s been given than he ever was of Jaidee. And don’t even get me started on Jaidee’s love because UNFFFFFF. *waggles brows*

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