It is a fear that I share but I have faith that we are good enough to make others feel as much as we make ourselves feel!

muse in absentia

I’ve got a new fear when it comes to the things I’ve been writing with my bestie writerinplay. Lately a lot of what we’ve written has had at least one of us in tears because of the emotional strain on the characters involved, and we’re both really attached to what’s been written because of it. But what if those emotions don’t translate to the reader? What if, even though we know and feel the pain involved, it doesn’t translate? What then?


Here’s an example. We’ve got a couple characters who’ve been seen a tiny bit here and there on twitter named Thora and El’Arek. Thora was once a Huntress of Artemis and El’Arek seduced her away. Since then (and I’m talking thousands of years, folks) they’ve had an intense, passionate relationship that was very on-again, off-again. She’s wild and free-spirited and he thought she needed freedom to explore…

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