Gross sobbing and the sweetest character ever.

I have tears drying on my cheeks as I write this. I know I have lamented many times on why am I so mean to my characters and today I am breaking the hearts of my characters and Sam’s with what we are writing and it’s amazing. I’m in tears and overloading with feelings so much so that I bit my own fist (yes don’t judge me) and it is AMAZING (the writing….not the first biting).

It’s so hard not to share but then again it wouldn’t mean so much without the rest of the story. But wow. I don’t know if other writers get this into their characters and it is no way the first time I’ve been this caught up in their stories. These are not just characters to me, they are these amazing beings that exist and want to share their story, that is the only way I know to describe it and it still doesn’t quite explain how it is for me. I do feel like I get told the story, that I am not making it up, half the time I don’t know what I’m writing until it’s coming out. That’s how Eiridis started as a horror short story and ended up a fantasy fiction novel.

Sometimes it surprises me how strong the reaction I can have as I’m writing, I wonder if I’m weird and a little bit crazy. Actually I know I’m a little bit crazy, I think one has to be to be a writer a lot of the time.

I hope my dear Elaria forgives me for this and when you the reader get to read this tale, please forgive me too, I promise, we’ll make it all better….eventually.


9 thoughts on “Gross sobbing and the sweetest character ever.

  1. ❤ I feel the same way about my characters. I've cried so many times over the story and over characters. It can be so painful, but you know what? The more feeling YOU have the more feeling readers will have. It's painful and really does seem a little batshit, but I think it's a part of being a damn good storyteller. Congrats! *glomp*

  2. Don’t worry; you’re probably nuts, but we’re all mad, here.
    I don’t really cry over characters, but I do sit in front of a computer screen for long periods of time, forcing myself not to backspace and provide certain characters with hugs and happy. It is our trial. You have been found worthy.

    1. My mind just misquoted Knight’s Tale “You have been tried, you have been tested and found worthy” Hehe. It’s hard not to go back sometimes but it makes for a worthy story in the end.

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