English class and me

English was my best class, I loved it. However I really disliked when we had to pick apart poems, stories and movies. It irked me. This is just a random little post but I was just randomly thinking as I do the payroll and sit bored out of my ever loving mind that I really hope that maybe I do get famous so my stories can be used in an English class and I can sit there and point and laugh and tell the teacher that there was zero conscious thought put into giving a character a white t-shirt because she was virginal and it was entirely because I happened to be wearing one that day.
Yeah small things amuse small minds I know.


6 thoughts on “English class and me

  1. Dear God, yes. It never ceases to amaze me how learned professionals can COMPLETELY IGNORE THE STORY because INANE DETAILS ARE SO MUCH MORE SIGNIFICANT. I don’t anticipate that any of my works will ever be the subject of serious scholarly debate, but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of very important authors thought that, too. Boy, were they wrong. Not everything is a symbol.

    1. We studied Dead Poets Society at school and it nearly ruined the movie for me. The birds fly in this scene for these 15 million symbolic reasons….umm well okay then, I wonder if the director would agree lol

  2. lmao we should release teachers editions of all our books and in the sidebars it’ll just say “knock it off” or “stop reading into it” or “no, there’s no symbolism in that screaming orgasm” *dies* or we could make up really sarcastic symbolism that makes no sense just to dick with them!

    1. *dies* That would be awesome. In this scene Abby has this pleasure to show in direct contrast the negative event on page 57, the forty seven seconds she screams for are significant because this was the age in which her mother died and she never got over that event *just dies everywhere*

      1. omfg YES! And the reason Aleks was blinded by overuse of his power is because he had a delayed reaction to excess masturbation before she entered his life. In truth, you WILL go blind.

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