That’s sexier than socks on a rooster

Not writing related really but I didn’t have anything to say on that subject and trust me I tried to make this post about that but nothing came. That could be because I am delightfully loopy on lack of sleep. One evening coffee later and I was awake in bed well past my bedtime, and then woke depressingly early around 4am. The main reason this was so depressing was that my little boy was having a sleep over with Nana and I should have been sleeping in. At some point my body forgot how to do that.

I’ve just caught the end of Footloose, the remake. Of course I love this movie, I mean it’s about dancing and I still have that plan in the back of my head to open my own dance group called Goddess Within and teach woman how to move with confidence. Dancing is as much a passion as writing is…dancing at least I know I am good at, proven over the years with the exams I aced and the troupes I was part of and the roles I won in productions. I miss dancing as anything more than something I do in the lounge and make K giggle with.

Today however I was forced to break a tradition. The tradition is that if the song “Footloose” comes on then it must be danced to. Today, didn’t happen. I am tired and I am sore. I’m back in to exercise and today it seems to have caught up with me since I didn’t get my round of healing sleep. *cries* my butt hurts…sorry TMI….

Dammit I had a point to this post, something about dancing and passion and Footloose…sorry. Maybe it’ll come to me later. In the meantime enjoy this little ramble and learning a little bit more about me.

Oh and one final thing









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