A new voice

I have had a voice in my head for about a week. Now this isn’t abnormal for me, I am a writer and perhaps somewhat deranged and crazy. But tonight after a lovely long soak surrounded by the scent of rose oil I simply had to write something for her. I am not sure if she is an RP voice (which is what I assumed) or a voice for a short story or perhaps something more. I thought I would get out the start of her story. It is in first person, in most cases with all my voices they open themselves in first person. So here is what she has given me. I am yet to decide what to do with it, and her. Meet Aster the Angel…

My arrival back on earth seemed to shake things out of balance and I brought a storm with me. I am honestly not sure how I did it. I just heard this amazing voice as I descended and I got distracted by it and the next thing I knew I was sitting on a beach, drenched to the skin watching a young woman trying and failing to run in the storm along the ever shifting sands in high heels and a dress that was wrapping itself around her legs like a lover.

I had been sent here for a mission though I was beginning to wonder if the Archangels were hoping I would fall. My father…not to be confused with Our Father, my father saw me as a wild card and a disappointment. He was the voice of God and I was constantly a source of embarrassment. I was starting to wonder if he was in fact hoping I would succumb to the baser urges that this world catered to. I was beginning to wonder if he wished to be rid of me and see me become the fallen. I was not sure how I felt about temptation and the fallen. I have led something of sheltered life since the incident. But now I have been sent here to wrest the soul of a young woman back into our keeping and turn her from the darkness. It seemed my father believed there was a touch of goodness left in this woman who once bent her knee each night and faithfully said her prayers. Our Father wanted her back, or so I am told. It is up to me to restore her virtue. Heaven help me work out how I am meant to do such a thing. 


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