Brain smoke, story time and a question

I am about half way through editing Nyssa….well a first edit anyway. I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing as I edit, I’ve read things about editing, been one on one with a well-known kiwi author for tips on how to edit but still really…this isn’t something I know all that much about, so currently I’m just sort of winging it…and finally catching those places where I wrote wings instead of lungs…. (yeah don’t ask, I don’t know either.)
So while I’m hammering away at that I’ve been thinking. Yes that explains that lingering smell of smoke. And what I have been thinking is: What am I going to do with some of the things I have written for characters that are minor in Nyssa’s Tale? Gwyn and Auta being the main focus of my mind and the lovely little stories I have created for them as their introductions and background but aren’t enough for a novel. So I’ve been thinking about maybe starting a weekly post to tell their stories. The next question is…what do people think about this idea? Would you like a weekly story spot slowly rolling out their stories as we draw nearer to the completion and publication of Nyssa’s Tale? (Which is leads to a whole new blog post of how the hell I am going to do that but that post can wait for another day.)
So would you like to meet some of the other characters in Nyssa’s Tale? Would you like a weekly storytime session? Would you like me to be quiet now and go get back to work on it all?
Okay, well fine, I’m going.


6 thoughts on “Brain smoke, story time and a question

      1. Then we shall! Since I think only one of my characters is in Nyssa’s story, I’m thinking of writing a short story within Spring’s past to post for you. Sound good?

  1. That sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m keen to be hear their stories. Go on tease me a little before Nyssa is published.

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