You should be writing








So here I am just casually tumblring and I admit it – getting really distracted by this gif set of the face I imagine for the character of Kelsen in Jaidee’s novel aka the stunning Alex O’Loughlin – and somewhere along in the process of this tumblring, when I have Auta’s story open and should be working on it, I stumble across an old post for last years NaNo WriMo and well, I got judged by Sassy Loki in meme form.

I have been tried, I have been tested, I have been found wanting it appears (bonus points if you can name the movie I just misquoted there.) So yes I should be writing, I’m getting write to it (haha see what I did there…yes I’ve had coffee now, and you’re point is?)

Okay, writing, yes we are getting to writing now, my body is ready…



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