Soon the story begins

So I have spent most of my Labour day holiday (when not distracted in by incoming texts and discovering that while I have never watched Once Upon a Time they have Captain Hook now and he’s irish by birth and looks very nice and I’ve always had a strange fascination with that character… right…blog post sorry) I’ve spent most of the day working on Gwyn’s story, A Queen’s Tale ready to share it. I believe I have finished with a lovely final word count of 20610 including the 1st person prologue Maudlin Gwyn but now I’m looking at it all trying to work out how many parts to split it up over, how I should share it and also have I formatted it in a way that will be most pleasing to the eye.

Questions, questions, questions.

But fear not, the end of your wait is near. By weeks end you shall have part one of A Queen’s Tale as we begin the build up to the release of Nyssa’s Tale (do you see a pattern here?)

Also you might be wondering as to the picture at the top of this post and the beautiful lady in it. Well that is Australian born actress Rose Byrne, whom I first saw in Troy many years ago now and thought was just gorgeous, and Rose is the beautiful lass who I picture as the perfect person to play Gwyn Asher should my and our books become world wide sensations that get made into amazing movies.

See there is a method to my madness, well most of the time.

Now, to get these final little blips sorted out so I can post the first part of the story and begin drawing you all further in to the world of Shadows of Avalon and you can all start getting ever so excited for Nyssa’s Tale.

I myself am already excited. I really do think Nyssa’s Tale is the best thing I have ever written.


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