Which Arthur is your King Arthur

As those of you who have been paying attention will know the Shadows of Avalon series deals in part with Arthurian legend and it has lead to some discussions about the various legends associated with the historical figure of King Arthur and the surrounding characters. The legends are numerous, the re-imaginings for book, movie and television show are even more prolific. One thing is clear though…that everyone has their favourites.

For me I have a lot of versions that I like. I am a big fan of the 2004 movie King Arthur (though in all honesty I would have cast Guinevere differently I think), and I could listen to the song Venora sings over and over. Speaking of singing, and yes I will get some flack for this, I do adore the animated version of the story. The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot. It’s the Griffin I think that really sold it for me.

Book wise right now I can think of only one series though I know there are many others and if my brain cooperates at all I will add them but the main Arthurian inspired books that I fell in love with would be Mary Stewart’s Merlin series. My first ever pay cheque went to importing the omnibus from America (shipping was then and still remains terrible, I think the shipping was more than the book!?!).

Oh I forgot one that earns much love from me. Merlin, not the latest TV show which I haven’t actually gotten around to watching but the mini series starring Sam Neill. I still wish to get that on DVD at some stage since I no longer have a VCR to play the video I purchased many years ago. That one of my favourite actresses is in it as I recently discovered doesn’t hurt either.

Oh Mists of Avalon…only seen the movie once but very much loved it. I have the book sitting on my bedside table waiting for me to get the drive to read it. I haven’t had much time or inclination for reading lately as it’s all been going to writing and editing. But I will read that.

So those are just a few of the Arthurian tales that have gained my love, and perhaps helped my inspiration. I won’t go into the ones that I really don’t enjoy or argued with about them getting it wrong. (Yes I have been known to yell at TV screens when I am not impressed.)

Now, the purpose of this blog. What are your favourite adaptions of the stories of Camelot and Arthur, his knights, the lady of the lake, Guinevere and all the rest? Why do you like that one? Do you too argue when the story is not what you agree with? (Or am I all alone in that strangeness)

Oh…last comment…. Monty Python and The Holy Grail…. need I say more?


7 thoughts on “Which Arthur is your King Arthur

  1. I love Arthurian legends! I don’t think I’ve come across a version that I fully agree with (which is probably why I am writing my own, lol) but there are a few shows and movies that I adore despite their inaccuracy. I love the BBC Merlin show, it’s fantastic fun, and the 2004 King Arthur was really good as well. I tend to yell at the screen or page whenever I see something I disagree with and then I end up fuming for a few yours and telling anyone I come across why *insert movie/show/book here* was wrong. 😀

    1. I’m the same, none quite get it the way I want it to be, which is also why I’m writing my own too. I remember watching First Knight years ago and telling my friend in great detail why the movie was “crap”. I have Merlin (the new show) waiting to be watched. I find Merlin himself quite endearing from what I know, and it has so many other Dr Who alumni in it that I also adore so I really should at some stage.

      1. You should look up Heather Dale on youtube or her website, she’s an amazing song-writer/singer who writes Arthurian and celtic songs. I love many of them, though she believes almost exactly the opposite from what I believe regarding the Arthurian legends, lol. For Guinevere, The Maiden and the Selkie, Changeling Child, Mordred’s Lullaby, and The Kingsword are some of my favorites!

      2. I’ve heard a few songs, a friend sent me For Guinevere and I really liked the lyrics even though I didn’t agree with them lol. I should listen to more of her, I always tend to listen to Loreena McKennitt when I’m in the mood for that sort of music.

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