They are judging me *sobs*

This becomes even funnier given the fact that two characters, one of mine and one of Sam’s  are faced by these two. So our characters are judging me. I had a couple of good days of writing on the weekend. I got out an 8,00o word rewrite for the tale of Aoife, who you will meet in Nyssa’s Tale. And I got another couple of thousand words written for Babypire. (Which if you haven’t already read you can see the opening of the orphaned story here)

But last night especially after a long day of work the muse was sluggish, and she seems to be the same today. Granted I am sluggish after a broken nights sleep but coffee has been consumed. I shall endeavour to get words out today. I can’t have former lovers Kyra and Lachlan judging me like this…. *hides from the judgement*


2 thoughts on “They are judging me *sobs*

  1. No, love. Lachlan isn’t judging you, he’s laughing while he waits for you to notice that the reason you’re not writing is because you’re naked and tied up in his bed…

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