Thank you and you and you and yes you

Last night around the world the shrill scream of a not so young any more woman was heard. Yeah sorry about that.

But last night thanks to a couple of late night downloads from two darling women I reached my little download goal. To say that I was excited would be an understatement hence the ear drum rupturing scream that circled the planet faster than Santa on speed. I cannot thank you guys enough for downloading A Queen’s Tale and making me this giddy.

With that in mind I promised you a treat did I not?
The votes are in and the clear winner and then some is me reading an unreleased piece of my work. I have been thinking long and hard about this as well as sitting at my desk reading things aloud (which just made me seem an ounce crazier than usual). I have it narrowed down to two things. Autumn’s Tale which follows on after Gwyn’s and gives you all more Myr who seems to be a quick favourite character (He quite modestly says “But of course love, I am rather fantastic after all”). Or a part of Nyssa’s Tale, perhaps one of her flashbacks. I am still of two minds but more and more I am leaning towards Auta.
So I am going to give myself a few days to rehearse and record. I never expected to reach my modest goal so quickly. And I do want this to be good. Lucky for you guys I have some experience with public speaking. Yes I was the captain of my debate team and we already know all about my on stage shenanigans. So I am, at least, not totally in over my head with this. Just mostly.

So next week my darlings I shall hopefully be subjecting you to my voice (alas unlike most of you I was born without an accent) and most likely sharing sweet Auta’s tale of tragedy, change and destiny. Where does she fit in to the tales of Arthur and just who is she to the souls of A Queen’s Tale? Well I guess you will have to just wait and see.


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