Tis the season to be busy…

This the season to be busy falalalala shoot me now.

I knew I was going to be busy as I headed into Christmas just because of work alone. The sheep all need shearing and crutching and I end up doing payroll for up to 250 staff which by myself is no easy feat I might tell you (And I just did….yes I rock at being an office administrator, if this writing gig doesn’t work out….no wait…I don’t want to be an office manager all my life so this writing gig WILL work out.) So knowing that I’m going to be a stress bunny I decided to want to release an audio teaser, a short story, write more on my joint novels, complete my babypire novel and shift house, all before Christmas. Actually I get the keys to the new place in a week and the house is woefully not packed (It is partially packed though, all the easy things, like the DVDs, why isn’t everything as easy to pack as DVDs?). Oh yes and the fun fact that I am just not sleeping like I need and I’m exhausted before I even get out of bed (Here I have to blame my dreams, I need to stop having such intense dreams of evading capture and saving the day, that shit is exhausting).

Man I am a complainoid. Now I’m not meaning to be, that wasn’t the point of this post.  I was just reflecting on how busy things are because of which things are suffering. I haven’t even finished editing Auta’s story to begin practicing reading it aloud ready to share with you all. This annoys me some, I need a clone or a tardis or magical powers… Oh or that necklace thingy Hermione has. That would be neat.

How does everyone else do it? Being a writer takes a lot of time and effort, are there tricks I should know to keep on top right of everything or is it simply a case of keep plugging away and eventually you get there?

Or is this why so many authors are jokingly said to be insane…. Because we are all sleep deprived zombies trying to get it all done.


2 thoughts on “Tis the season to be busy…

  1. Yes, sleep deprivation… definite side effect of being a writer. *nodnod* I honestly don’t think there’s a secret to it. You just keep doing what you can when you can and pray like hell to whoever you follow that it’ll be enough. 🙂 *hugs*

  2. I’ve had more trouble sleeping these days as well. I think it hit me sometime in November while writing NaNo. My list of things doesn’t seem as busy as yours, though it has been in the past. I feel for you sweetie. I think it’s very similar to having two jobs when you work full time AND write your heart out.

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