Good news everyone

Some of you, okay maybe one of you, might have noticed the overwhelming lack of audio on the 15th. I meant to post on that day but got too busy. Life decided to throw me a curve ball and not give me the time I need to do this for you properly. I am still intending to, I am still nervous and excited to do this for you all. Mostly nervous. But I do want to and I will. But I think it is going to me a New Year’s present.

I have gone back and forth about what I am going to read for you all but I keep coming back to Nyssa’s Tale so I think it will be that. Granted it hasn’t had its final edit but I am guessing you guys will be okay with that. (General consensus seemed to be that people wanted to hear my kiwi accent more than the words anyway…I hate to disappoint you but I was born without an accent…and yeah that joke will never get old for me, kind of like me being in the future.)

In other news Sam and I have been writing many, many things as we always do (with some drier spells as the muses got a bit tired or grumpy or sick of us working), we’ve been working on things for a few familiar faces to some of you and some faces most of you have yet to meet. And through all of this we have struck on the idea of how to use some of these stories together and we are very excited to announce we have the rough outline and many words written already for the next Shadows of Avalon novel which will be set after Nyssa’s Tale….well some of it will be set after Nyssa’s Tale, there will be some, shall we say, flashbacks that we are very excited about. It will see more of some of the faces you have already met on Twitter RP and in A Queen’s Tale…but will focus on a couple of faces that will be introduced in Nyssa’s Tale. The new novel will focus on two beautiful and strong characters by the name of Spring and Auta. Now I could tell you more about them but I think I will leave that for another day, but keep alert I have a feeling that you might get to meet them as time goes on and we perhaps start a few guest spots and let some of the characters take over for a bit.

Words cannot express how excited I am to have this rough outline in mind and start pulling all these stories together to bring you more of Shadows of Avalon.

Words cannot express but here have a gif that might cover it…


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