The Hobbit and a rather expected ramble

Most of you probably saw my Red Bull fuelled gushing last night but just in case you missed it…The Hobbit is AMAZING. I think I might have liked it more than any of the LOTR movies. I wanted to see it again straight away and I wanted the next one straight away. I didn’t have that with LOTR. Don’t get me wrong I love the LOTR movies, The Hobbit was just that good.

I want prattle on about the brilliant casting and acting and scenery (I am so blessed to live in Middle Earth truly, it’s beautiful here) nor will I harp on about plot points and that bit where I laughed, the bit where I clutched my pendant so tight I left an indent in my hand… *coughs* I’ll stop now.

The main reason for this post was how inspired I was by the movie. I ended up scribbling notes into my little notebook in the dark. Luckily, somehow, they were all mostly legible when I looked at them once I got home. (I had to guess a few words here and there when I typed it up to send Sam.)

All in all I recommend you go and see it. The Hobbit that is, not my in the dark scribblings, though I guess if you want to see those you just need to ask. *winks*

I truly cannot wait for the next instalment. And if anyone ever makes it over to Middle Earth we can go adventuring together. Until then I’m going to sit and contemplate which creature of Middle Earth I am. Hobbit….Elf…Human… (General consensus so far is I’m mostly hobbit and probably an adventuring, pint drinking hobbit that annoys all the other hobbits. With maybe a touch of Elven blood somewhere in there.)


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