Morgan le Fay and a new deviant

So after a little prodding from a friend and finding some beautiful artwork I decided to join deviantArt mainly to keep track of all the inspiration art on there that I have fallen in love with. (Turned out half of my favourite art that I’ve seen on Tumblr and alike were just three artists…whoddathunkit…)

Now the problem will be, I am not sure I will have much time to put stuff up on it, nor to spend time reading others writing and looking at beauty and making comment or critique. I’m not sure if this is going to make me an annoying dA person but such is life, really I made the account for me after all.

There is so much amazing art on there of many different mediums but it is the visual art that I am simply blown away by. I have very poor ability in that area and am always envious of those who can but more than that I am inspired by them. I see pieces and they capture my own creations, my characters, scenes from my book, without the artist even knowing such things exist within me or on the page. They inspire me to write.

So with that in mind I might just start a perhaps weekly event of posting up a piece of art that I have found that has spoken to me, sometimes I might say why, sometimes I might just let the piece speak for itself.

Today we start with Morgan le Fay by Marina

Now I found this the other day and posted it up on Facebook. (Sam must have loved it because two minutes later it was her avi hehe.) Now I have read a lot of stories about Morgan le Fay, and I always felt some connection to her, come to think of it I’ve felt something toward most of the women in the Arthurian stories, generally that they have been made out to be far more evil/bad/slutty than they must have been. (I won’t get into why women are cast in such lights in the stories, that can be another post another day.) But I loved Morgan…Morgana and I will be bringing you a tale of the soul that she became in the world of Shadows of Avalon, I will also be bringing you the tales of who she truly was to Arthur in that world and time and though I shan’t give anything away this picture captures more of the Morgana that I shall write than perhaps any other picture I have stumbled across before.

It also makes me want to be blonde again…

So if you are on dA feel free to have a look at my page, feel free to leave me any comments, it’s always nice to get those. And if you are on there feel free to let me know your link so I can have a look. Thus far I haven’t even had a chance to look at my friends on there and leave comments but I promise I will get to you all. Just be patient. (Ironic, I know, given that the faeries forgot to bless me with patience.)


3 thoughts on “Morgan le Fay and a new deviant

  1. Wow! That’s a very pretty picture. It was a friend who got me onto dA too.

    No rush from my end, just knowing I can stalk another friend across three platforms makes me happy. XD

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