Good morrow from 2013

2012 was an amazing year, I had my high points and my low ones, but that will always happen. Sitting here at the beginning of 2013 I cannot even think of what the bad stuff in the year was but I can think of the good and I think that is a mind-set I’d like to carry on throughout this new year.
It feels like 2013 will be a good one, that life as I know it has ended, my own personal apocalypse. I have big plans for 2013, for myself and for those I love. It will see me getting novels published and purchased, it will see me getting as fit as k needs me to be to chase him down the Napier waterfront on his scooter. It will see me meeting loved ones I’ve meet on the amazing spiderwebs I’m mean interwebs, it will see me forging stronger friendships on and off the screen, existing ones and perhaps even a few new. It will see hundreds of thousands of words being written and new voices invading my brain and adding to the crazy.
I should perhaps dial back and add a little extra to the published bit to add that it will see Sam and I published. (And thanks autocorrect for trying to make that sank and I punished o.O)
2012 saw a lot of changes for me, a lot of development and even some firsts, 2013 promises to be even more amazing.
I wish for you all everything I wish for myself, good times, the fulfilment of dreams and oodles of love.
Know that I love you all and your support, friendship and love over 2012 has meant so much to me. I truly have been blessed.
Now group hug before I start sobbing all over you all and making a right spectacle of myself.

2012 is over and…


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