Writing in progress, a giveaway and a rambling

So I’ve seen a few people posting up some of the lines from their writing in progress, and others having giveaways and such on their blogs and I’ve been having a think about doing these things myself. I was thinking maybe a competition of some description, like go in the draw by naming your favourite character out of all my writings (which will mean you have to at least looked at my blog to see what some are called even if you haven’t read anything, unless you are an RP friend and then you have an advantage of being able to name one of the 62 odd characters you may have followed.) or perhaps a like my page and go in the draw. Now as for a prize I was thinking about perhaps one of the pretty pewter necklaces I have from my time of having my own shop when I lived in Auckland and thought having my own little shop was my dream. (It wasn’t)

So what do people think, would anyone be interested in that?

As for posting Writing In Progress lines. I’m considering it but then again, no one knows he context so it wouldn’t thrill you as much as it does me. And I’m still very tempted to post more from Nyssa’s Tale. There is one scene in it that has been on my mind lately but to post or not to post, that is the question. I really just want to get Nyssa’s Tale out to you all to read, I love the story so much, but I want it perfect before it comes out, I don’t want anything to deter from the story, so alas, I have to keep waiting.


So many thoughts and no decisions. Someone come and be my Jimminy Cricket and tell me how it all should go.


3 thoughts on “Writing in progress, a giveaway and a rambling

  1. If someone comes in to tell you what to do, send them my way after you’re done with them… I’m having a lot of *can’t* with promotions and this final give away I need to do soonish.

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