The perfect tale for children

One thing I have always wanted to write was a children’s book. And in thinking about it I stumbled on what I think was the key to me liking a book when I was much smaller. It was the concept of taking an ordinary child and putting them in a situation that was extra-ordinary or them finding out they were in fact special. A lot of them had the same sort of medium for transport, some kind of ordinary object that provided a way to this other life. It worked with movies and TV shows too. One of my favourite shows as a child though I don’t think it was on for very long, was a show called Wildfire. It was an animated show about a girl who has a horse called Wildfire who takes her to another world where she had adventures and eventually discovered that she was in fact an exiled princess.
It was the childhood dream I guess, or mine anyway, to discover that I was in fact a princess, that I was special and magical. (Yeah, that desire might not be entirely gone.)
Magic mirrors, wardrobes, portals in the garden or under the Christmas tree, all these wonderfully ordinary things that anyone could come across. And that is what I want to write, the perfect children’s tale about an ordinary child who gets their own chance to be special and captivate a new generation of children. That is what I want to do.
There is just one problem.
I can never find the right story. *le sigh* Oh well I guess I keep trucking on with the stories I am getting until then.


One thought on “The perfect tale for children

  1. I’ve had it pointed out this makes it sound like I am just filling time writing other stuff until the tale for children appears but this is not the case, sorry if it sounded like that.

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