The moments that define us – Tale of a Siren

So a while back I was part of my first tumblr RP group. Some of my lovelies talked me in to joining with them and really how hard it is usually to convince me to do some role play and writing. I selected a character they had created. I had a small blurb to work off of for her history. She was a Siren on an island of sin, she drew souls to damnation and left them for the demons to play with. She grew in my head very quickly and when the group ended she kept floating around in my head. I’ve been reading up on the small stories I wrote for her and thinking I might like to finish her story. She sold her soul many years ago and I am interested to see if she finds redemption or becomes truly one of the damned because siren though she be she still has tenderness and love in her heart, for the right people anyway.

I thought I would share one of the pieces I wrote for her, a flashback to the night that changed her life, still in raw form. Enjoy.

The moments that define us.

Anne sat on the beach as the sand clung to her body, wet still from her dip in the water. She had been in form last night, when she was performing she was in form, and when she was not she had found this strange funk to sink into. It did not suit her. All manner of though had passed through her head in the last two days or so. And her mind turned now to the past. There were so many moments that had led her to now, so many events that had shaped her life and changed it to bring her to this moment sitting on the warm sand as the air dried her body. Some were still more vivid than others…

The hotel had been full, it was the week between Christmas and the turning of the year and Anne had been performing every night. She had no family to go back to, this was her life now, living in her little room, getting by on the small amount she had to spend on herself, but as long as she was fed and had a roof over her head as the snow fell then she had everything she really needed. 

Just one more night of the year remained as Anne used the only god given talent she had and sung to those who had joined them that night. Strangers and regulars enjoyed her songs and Anne had the flush of the performance colouring her cheeks as she took her dues and left the small stage. John was waiting for her out the back, he had been the last three nights. The owner of the hotel seemed to have his sights set on her while his wife and children enjoyed the holidays out of town. He was mildly overweight and stunk of body odour and his cigarettes, none of which endeared him to Anne, as if she was going to give up her innocence to him. She had run from one man before with undeserved intentions for her and she was not above doing it again. She was simply not the type to let him have his way, not that girl. 

John had a new scent to him tonight. He reeked of whisky and Anne was hard pushed not to gag as he breathed over her and trapped her between his arms against the wall. 

“Right then love, how about we have us a private performance and a bit of supper.”

“Yer drunk John, get off.” She placed her hands on his chest and pushed. He pushed back and leered at her. “Get lost John.” He still didn’t move so Anne did the only thing she could think of and kneed him between the thighs. It was almost satisfying as he cried out and clutched at himself sinking down beside her. She had something of a smug grin on her face as she took the stairs too at a time holding her dress up around her knees, as she ran to her room and slammed the door behind her. 

So much for a roof over her head. 

She threw her few clothes into a hessian bag which she pulled shut, no idea where she was going to go but sure that she wasn’t staying here to get the beating she would have just earned. 

Before she could finish her escape there was a knock at the door. She had a dozen curses and threats ready to spit out at John when the door swung open but they died on her lips to find a different gentleman standing there.

“Get lost mister, me favours aren’t for sale.” 

He slipped his hat off his head and gave her a little bow, his blue eyes dancing as they held hers. If she had slammed the door in his face or simply walked by him and away then life would have been different but she let him talk and she let him sway her to his proposal and life changed forever, Anne changed forever and a siren was born. 

Anne slipped out of the memory and swore, the sun had moved on and she was performing in just over an hour and not even close to being ready. She flicked the sand from her body and ran down the beach to go get ready.


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