A serious conundrum aka what should I read

I am in the mood to read this morning. I’ve done some writing and am waiting for the muse to wake up for some more. But my biggest problem and one I am struggling with is that I have so many things I want to read, some I have read before, some are brand new but I want to read them all and I can’t work out what I am actually in the mood for. This is a glimpse of the top few of the actual physical books I want to read.


Now this doesn’t include the many books I have sitting on my Nexy waiting to be read via Kindle or Aldiko, there are tons of those, and short stories I should be reading to catch up on via email and friend’s websites. But where to start, it’s all a bit overwhelming really and nothing ends up getting read.

They say start at the beginning and when you get to the end stop, but I don’t know where to begin *sobs*


8 thoughts on “A serious conundrum aka what should I read

  1. My own bias aside, I’d suggest a dice roll to figure out which one to start with! Well, first figure out the ones you want the most to read so the list isn’t too long and then do a dice roll.

    ❤ *hug*

    1. That is a rather good idea. I use the d20 to pick which movie or show to watch, not sure why I didn’t think about doing so for the books. Also aren’t you meant to be writing young lady, I thought later was blog time :p

      1. *giggle* I just came over for a short squidge. I adore seeing Time Speaker in pictures in someone else’s hands. X3

        And.. I’m going.. I’m going! I’ve already done 2k today, I want to get up to 3 or 4, which would be epic.

  2. Fwee, gotta love pictures of books!
    Personally, I agree with the dice-rolling strategy. Sometimes I wind up with something that holds my interest for a few pages before I realize I was ACTUALLY in the mood for a hard-boiled detective story or something. Starting on something you weren’t in the mood for often can help you identify what mood you’re really in. 🙂 So even if your dice give you something you don’t currently want, they’re still helpful.

    1. That’s been part of my problem, I get a few pages in to something and it doesn’t grab me, I just haven’t worked out what will. Might just have to try everything dice roll after dice roll until something sticks. The last book that I got into was James Rollins “Bloodlines” and I devoured that in less than a day.

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