A quick update

Those of you who follow my facebook page and me on twitter might already know this but I thought I would update here.

I have taken ‘A Queen’s Tale’ down from Smashwords. I am going to look to get it professional edited, perhaps even published and the same with ‘Nyssa’s Tale’ and any other forthcoming pieces of work. I can’t have my name attached to something that just was not ready to go up and needs more work than I can give it.

So I am going to start looking around in earnest in coming weeks for an editor, agent or publisher. I really want to release Nyssa’s Tale, it is one of the best things I have written, and I can only do that if I know it is 100% ready and stupid little errors won’t detract from the story.

So hold tight and carry on, and soon there will be more than ever for you to read.


3 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. If you need a hand with this, just let me know.

    Depending on your budget, I know of a few publishing services in NZ (I hear XLibris is good, for example, though quite expensive). Depending on where you want to publish them, if you’re going for self-publishing, I’m also fairly lulu-savvy, so if you need a hand formatting the file for Lulu (which are the folks I currently use), I can help with that. Peter and I have a mutual friend you might have seen around (or might know), Heather Watson, and she is epic for book covers, so I totally recommend her (This is her portfolio: http://hlwatson.darkfolio.com/gallery/619702), she’s also on deviant art under “Lunaticstar”).

    Unfortunately, I can’t offer help with editing, I have to be selfish with my energy with regards to that sort of thing and save it for my own editing needs. But I’d be dead keen to have a read when it goes to hard copy (I love curling up in bed or on a couch with a book written by a friend, X3 ).

    1. Hey honey, thanks for the feedback, I might take you up on some support and soundboarding at the very least. And yes, you do need to be selfish with your editing energy, your work should and always will come first to you and that is the way it should be! *loves on*

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