Serenading the muse

Music always seems to set a mood for the muse, sometimes it seems the music has nothing at all to do with what the muse wants to write. I can recall writing amazing fantasy scenes to Smashing Pumpkins and fight scenes to Evanescence, death scenes to Disney…it doesn’t always make sense but sometimes it is just the music you need to get the job done. So far today the muse hasn’t written much but she is being very clear on the kind of music she wishes to listen to. We had to go on to youtube and find an old song from my late teenage years “Oceans of Light.” By In Mood feat Juliette. This then lead us to Enya and then through to the Robin of Sherwood soundtrack. I found a couple of songs from it on youtube to give you all a taste if you have never heard the music or seen the show. (Which I highly recommend, absolutely love the show and have plans when I am rich and famous to finish the story of the show as it should have been….am I alone in thinking that Robin would have returned?)

Music plays a huge part in my writing and sometimes I forget that and wonder why the muse is being a brat only to realise that I have no music on and she often prefers music to having a movie or television or silence.

What music is everyone else listening to today, for pleasure or purpose?


6 thoughts on “Serenading the muse

    1. I do quite enjoy Mumford and Sons, I was listening to them a bit and then discovered Of Monsters and Men and slowly discovering more of their music. I like having the female voice in the mix.

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