Pretty shiny Giveaway

And now for something completely different….

I felt like doing a giveaway, as we know I do not have published novels that need to be paid for to give away to keen readers but who said being generous and being an author meant you were limit to all things book related?

Now once upon a time there was a young woman who decided that part of her dream in life was to own a shop of her own that specialised in all things Celtic, fantasy, magical and spiritual. Now things did not go exactly to plan and it was discovered that it wasn’t actually her true passion. But she did fall in love with the range of jewellery she imported from the UK. And since I’ve been thinking about the Viking story that Sam and I are going to be editing to release I thought I would perhaps give away a piece of Viking inspired jewellery.

So after some thought I decided on the Sun Wheel from the Nordic Lights collection by Eastgate Resources.


The piece is made from lead-free pewter finished in silver and gold. It comes in it’s own little display box and with a pewter chain. The information on the little black case it comes presented in reads.

An ancient universal symbol. The Triskilian is set among three spirals of continual motion. The Isle of Man has adopted this emblem as its own and, when worn, it stands for optimism and progress.”

So how can you get your hands on this I hear you ask?

Well between now and March 1st you have a few ways to go about it.

Like of my Facebook page

Follow of my blog by email or through wordpress (There is a little follow button on the side menu there.)

Or interact with me – leave comments on my page, on my blog, each comment will get you another entry. If you are already following/like don’t worry your previous follow/like will count. Want more entries? Get your friends to like or follow and get them to tell me that you sent them.

It’s as easy as that. And March 1st I will draw the winner and announce it here, on twitter and on my Facebook page. The winner will have ten days to get in touch with me with their postal details, if after ten days they haven’t contacted me at all I will redraw it.

Okay, so does that all sound good and easy? Awesome, so start clicking, liking, following and talking, and let the contest begin.


12 thoughts on “Pretty shiny Giveaway

  1. I was looking at the pic last night when you were having me help choose which to give away, and I realized it doesn’t just remind me of what it’s supposed to… It looks like three scythes, so it sorta represents harvest for me… And you know that’s my favorite time of year.

    1. Well that could still fit, with the whole Sun moving through the wheel of time, the harvest is very much a sun related time in my mind. Now you say that I totally seem them too lol To me it looks like some throwing blade which just makes Izzy want one, and Jaidee think on what should be her weapon now she’s more the warrior bard type 😀

  2. I’ve already liked to my hearts content and I signed up for email notifications a few weeks back.

    That is very very pretty, and you know, if you include the negative spaces there are many more spirals in that lovely shape. 🙂 To me a three pronged spiral is balance but also strength. The way of the warrior… but I guess anything that looked remotely like blades reminds me of the way of the warrior. XD

    I love it. I want it. And can I cheat by writing a reply or something every day until March? Or would that be unfair? 🙂

    ❤ I shall boost the signal. 🙂

    1. I thought you might like it my dear too. And there is no way to cheat, anyone on the planet is welcome to enter as much as they wish, to comment, and share and comment to their hearts content. You’ve got to be in to win as they say!

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