Words have power


I was going through my images folder today and I came across this picture. Now as a writer I am well aware of the power of words, the ability to create emotions, to create people and places and experiences with my words but this is a different side of the coin. Words have power, and just as they can create they can also destroy. Words have the power to hurt, to break someone down, to make them cry, and I am not just talking about in books.

All too often I see on social media people causing hurt with their words, people attacking another person from small things like being confused to bigger things like lifestyle choice. So often there is no need for the attack, there just seems to be some people who either delight in being antagonistic or just do not even stop to think how their words are coming across. We have the saying that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. I think that sometimes we need to actually put this into practice. There is no need for hurtful and hateful words most of the time and if that means that you never talk, well then I think that means you should be looking at yourself rather than everyone else.

Words have power, and as Uncle Ben said, one too many times – “With great power comes great responsibility”


3 thoughts on “Words have power

  1. While I grew up in an abusive home where words as well as fists, belts, and any handy object were used to hurt, tear down, and injure… I do not agree with that statement. As with anything it lies with the intent. If you are saying something with no tact or the intent to hurt others you should think twice about allowing it to be voiced. However, sometimes negative or ‘not nice’ things have to be expressed in the interest of change.. No it isn’t nice to point out how many of the American governments have bigoted laws aimed at suppressing one group or another. No it isn’t nice to confront the US or Canadian government on stealing lands allocated to indigenous peoples in treaties the governments themselves drafted.. It is not a pretty or nice business to stand up against anyone for rights and liberties that should be your own.. Sometimes it has to be done.. albeit in a respectful way.. but it still must be done.

    1. As I said, with great power comes great responsibility…and what you just said are not words being used for negative reasons but for purpose and a positive reason, they are being used responsibly. At least that is how I see it.

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