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Last night and went and sat out in twilight to calm my mind. It’s been racing a lot the last few days. Mostly with ideas for the future. See I want to supplement my income, I know that writing will not do that right away (though it is my belief and my goal that it will eventually.)
So I am thinking on other business avenues, other money making ploys and ways to take the things I love and to make them make me money. Be it something entrepreneurial, doing something others do and just doing it better, or something completely different, the mind is racing to come up with the perfect idea and perfecting the ones I have. So wanting to sleep last night I decided I needed stop thinking about these things and calm myself. So off I went outside to relax. I took my notebook because I always do and once out there words simply spilled out on to the pages.
I am going to do three blog posts in a row now to separate the writing up because that is the way it came out. Page by page. So this is page one. Enjoy.

Write for me your soul
With painted words
Show me the light that burns
The darkness that consumes
In your words let me know you
In expression let me see you
Honest words
Honest heart
Show me your soul
Write for me your world

In love I come to know myself
In love I become brave
My frailty made strong

I wish for a moment I could see through your eyes
Understand your view of me
Or would I need to see through your eyes
Your heart
Your mind
Your soul
For a moment I would like to see through your eyes
And see why you love me


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