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This is probably my favourite piece that I wrote last night.

She sits in darkness and light
Between night and day
Between the world of man
And the world of nature
She sits between moonrise and sunset
In the heady state of between.
Energy cascades through her body, a rolling tide that brings nerves to life and awakens magic.
She is restless between.
Tied back and pulled forward.
Her body twitches to shed its skin and spread its wings
To be transformed
To be free
She wishes to be free of the constraints the world of man has tied her in, a lifetime of servitude to a life style that was never her choice
She does not want to be between
Caught between worlds and the people she could become
She does not know how to be free, how to let go of one for the other and not be trapped in the perpetual purgatory of between
She longs to run and leap into the heavens wings unfurled. The fallen angel leaving earth for eternity
She longs to leap and run, to take the wolf inside her and become, to play and to hunt, to be wild and graceful, brutal and loyal
She is standing at the cliff edge between safety and the chance for destruction, the chance to come alive
She is trapped between, unwilling to go back and unable to leap
She is caught between and she wants to let go
She wants to fly
And then
Just like that
She’s gone


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