Writer Wednesday – Isobelle Carmody

So writer Wednesday is not a new thing in the world of social media but I’ve decided to do my own take and try every Wednesday (or at least most) to post up something about a writer that has inspired me in my life. There are A LOT of them. Working out where to start as of today has been the hardest part. The list is long and there are many names on it, some it has just been one book that has inspired me, others it has been whole series or every book of theirs that I have managed to lay my hands on. The list ranges from the living to the dead, local and abroad, children’s writers to dark tales of erotic horror (you might have correctly guessed by that one I mean Clive Barker).

Today I decided to start with Isobelle Carmody since I recently purchased ‘Obernewtyn’ for my best friend for her birthday  to introduce Sam to this world that I have been reading and re-reading for a long while now.

I first discovered Isobelle Carmody when I was much younger, I think I was twelve and I had broken my elbow ice skating. I was in cast from my wrist to half way up my upper arm after tripping over a large crack in the ice and falling hands first and making my elbow do this nifty trick that it really wasn’t meant to do. My Aunty sent me ‘Farseekers’ as a get well soon present. I had no idea it was the second book in the ‘Obernewtyn’ series and I devoured it. Having finished, I read it again. I loved it and I was hooked. It was many years before I managed to get myself the first book and now own all those written and am eagerly awaiting “The Red Queen” which I believe is due out this year.

I have read other books by Carmody but by far ‘The Obernewtyn Chronicles’ are my favourite. Set in a post-apocalyptic world after the Great White (nuclear holocaust), life has reverted to a more fantasy setting, or a dark ages one. And the effects of the Great White still hold the lands in their grips, and the people. The Great White has produced Mutants that are reviled and hated by those who are not (of course, having said that as with any plot like this not ALL normal people hate them of course but I shan’t say who they are or I might start giving things away), those who rule hate them more than most and of course we have the fundamentalist religious people who take things above and beyond. The story centres on Elspeth Gordie who is one of my favourite characters of all time. She is a mutant, she is a strong mutant, and she is a strong woman….even if she forgets that sometimes.

Now this isn’t a review and this isn’t me going into detail on the story and the characters because honestly I would be here for a million words and still not even close to all my thoughts on said story and the characters who I love so much.  This is just meant to be about me naming an author or writer who has inspired me. So there you have it. Isobelle Carmody and her ‘Obernewtyn Chronicles’ inspired me. She was one of the reasons I started writing at age fifteen, and every time I sink into her world I am inspired again and captivated. I want to create the kind of worlds that others get lost in as I get lost in hers.

So if you ever read this Isobelle, thank you.


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