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I’ve been quiet but I have something to tempt you with…

So I’ve been quiet on the blog all week, in fact I’ve been a bit of a lazy bum all week. I can tell because you want to know something that sucks? Losing the same 800 grams a second time around. That is what being a lazy bum and eating not so good will get you. I have however managed to write words. I have written many words, some for novels and some for Role Play. I even started a new idea, just a short story but I wanted to write something dark and something just a little bit unfy. (For those of you who haven’t been brainwashed by social media as I have, this means I wanted to write something more along the saucy lines of things.) As with half the stuff I write I have no idea where it is going really but it will get there in the end. I’m hoping to get some more written on it today, it’s just a little tale so far, just over the one thousand words mark.
I thought I’d give a little teaser, I plan on posting it up on the site once it is finished.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter, regardless of what traditions and meaning it has for you.

And now meet Cassie Rose and the dark predator who has entered her life…

A Rose by any other name (A Work in Progress)
She looked up in time to meet his eyes and by then it was too late.
His hands wrapped around her throat, squeezing, his fingers trapped the scream before she could make it. His face hovered close to hers, his eyes shone with the blackness that consumed them and his mouth twisted in a dangerous grin.
“You share your mothers scent.”
Cassie struggled to breathe, her own eyes reflected fear but now confusion. Her mother had been killed twenty five years ago when Cassie has been three, murdered while Cassie slept. The longer she looked into those eyes, the more she felt herself slip away, he released her and smiled. Her heart skipped a beat and this time it was not all for fear.
He turned and walked away and without any hesitation she followed, she left the front door open as she followed him to his car. She did not jump as his hand slid up her thigh, she remained quiet and pliant as he drove her from town and out into the country to an old manor house surrounded by ancient trees.
Nephilim house.
She remained quiet as he led her inside and set her down on a chair. Her eyes went wide but her body showed no other reaction as he drew a knife from the table and nicked her throat. He ran his tongue along the blade. “Sweet, like all Rose women.”


Here, have a night of trauma

Dreams are something that I am somewhat famous for amongst my friends. I have vivid dreams, I have crazy dreams and sometimes I have bad dreams. Some nights my mind hates me.

I am no stranger to nightmares, I have traumatised many with my midnight screams. Sometimes maybe there are things to read into more, last night I’m not so sure. See a local sports celebrity Jesse Ryder, of Black Cap (cricket) fame was badly beaten night before last and is now in critical condition in hospital. So of course last night I dreamed that I had a group attack me. Really, no need to analyse that dream and figure out how I feel about my brother’s uncle’s mother’s flatmate.

I tend to dream vividly, bright colours, lasting sensations even after waking, and dear lordie the exhaustion. It is possible to get 8 hours of sleep and wake up twice as exhausted as when I went to bed. Many dreams have spawned storylines, good and bad. I’m not so keen to use any of last night’s dreams really. I put my characters through enough without having them beaten by a gang of thugs, and as for the stalking, well, we’ve already been there and done that with my little actress Casey. (Word to the wise, hiding in an alley is a really dumb way to get away from a creepy stalker. #themoreyouknow)

I have already put a booking in for tonight’s dreams and have a vampire and werewolf who have offered to make sure there is no badness, and if there is promised some good healing. As for last night, I am not going to read the news before bed again and I blame that damn full moon. The way it lights up the bedroom is bound to cause trouble. *Shakes a tiny fist of doom skyward*

A goddess, a tale of honour and a picture

Last night I decided to try my hand at the current rage for images on tumblr and make one for one of my most favourite characters I have ever created. Elspeth Lyon. She is one of the lead characters in the ‘Children of the Immortals’ series, and really because of her a lot of the stories there and elsewhere exist. She has had a most adventurous and somewhat terrible life at times over the last 8,000 years since she found herself a young girl in a field with no memory of who she was or what was going on. The only person I could ever imagine playing my Els is Gemma Arteron, she has the beauty and the strength of the character.

So I thought I would share the image I created and a snippet from a WIP to give you a glimpse into the woman. Enjoy…


Honour in Death

“This is as men should be.” Els settled back against the tree and watched the men drink and remember. They had done well today, they had upheld honour and though they had lost a brother they celebrated his life and his sacrifice. Tears welled up in her eyes once more. At times, so often Els despaired of what humanity had become, had always been, but times like today, today she saw the greatness that was within men. It was that which kept her going sometimes, kept her returning no matter the pain in her heart to walk amongst them, to be one of them.
The girl was safe back with her family, the lord was dead and someone else would come to take over the lands; there was hope it would be someone with more honour than the late lord had found. What kind of man takes a young girl from her home to have his way with her? Elspeth was proud to have stood with them, to have fought with them, to have known their brother in arms if just for a few days. It had been sheer luck that she had been here at this time, that she had come across the weeping women, the angered men. Once the story had been shared there had been no way that Els and Herger would not have helped their cause. Els smiled as Herger settled down beside her handing her the cup of mulled wine. The herbs were strong and the drink warmed Els all the way through. Snow would come soon to this place. Winter settling in as it did every year. Elspeth hoped they would make the crossing to Ireland before the cold took hold.
Laughter burst out across the group as a more mischievous story of the fallen’s antics was shared, the kind of story that would have grown in every telling.
The funeral pyre burned on as the night settled in. Loud stories turned to laments and the sharing of grief. Els did not even attempt to stop the tears as they fell down her cheeks as the men mourned together. She rested back against Herger’s chest and let him comfort him. He had been such comfort to her since their shared loss. One of the men approached and knelt beside them. He inclined his head in respect to them both. “We would ask if you might honour our fallen comrade with a song.”
“I do not…” Herger started knowing the state that Els was in but she placed her small hand across his worn one.
“It would do me honour to be given that opportunity.” Her voice was pleasant enough though she was not a great singer and she stood wrapping her cloak around her as she walked into the middle of the group as it cleared a space for her in sight of the pyre. She pushed her hood back and her hair spilled out around her shoulders, the firelight bringing out red hues against the green velvet of the cloak.
“If I should fall
Carry me home
Carry me on
Carry me still in your heart
I do not die
I just move on
My time here
My time gone
Until I come again
Carry me on
Carry me home
Carry my name on your lips
My deeds in your mind
My love in your heart
I do not go
I do not die
I live here within you still
Carry me on
Carry me high on my shield
Carry me home
Live for me
Love me still
Carry me on
Carry me home
Carry me always
Carry me in your heart
Carry me…”
Her voice cracked as the words became too much and another voice took up her song, more followed and soon all sang the lament and it carried out into the woods. There was no other sound as if the woods themselves and all within it stopped to pay respect to the brave dead and send him on his way to the Otherworld and perhaps, rebirth to another time and life.
Herger’s arms tightened around her as he appeared at her side and he led her back to their seat. “We carry him always within our heart Elspeth.” She didn’t need to ask of whom he spoke. Balor was dead many years for the world but for them mere months had passed since he had been lost. The grief was still burning in her heart and she wondered if it would ever burn out, or if it would simply consume her. “We live on and fight on to honour him. He would be proud of you today, as I am.”
Elspeth rested her head against his shoulder and in silence let her tears fall, each one for a loved one lost. She was glad to have Herger with her, and knew that it would please Balor to know she was watched over by such a friend as him.

I have a happy and a ramble

So as of today I have reached my first weight loss goal – lose 10kgs (22 pounds for you guys who do things in strange ways). This has given me a happy as you can imagine. It’s been hard work and those of you who followed Jasmine’s story know just how emotional and dark it got at the beginning but life is just trucking along so well now. Sure I still have my ups and downs. And there are certain areas of my life that just frustrate me to hell and back as some of you know. But all the really important things are going so well.

And the best news? The muse is waking up again!! So thrilled about that. I am really quite proud of some of the things I and we have written in the last few days, especially that we finally broke the muse block that has had Tiffany and Owen’s story sitting there unwritten for so long. It was one of the first stories that Sam and I started to create together about two years ago. I think it is around the 60,000 word mark now… I am stunned when I look at the word counts of our stories, we have so many between 30,000 and 90,000. It’s a LOT of words. I truly cannot wait to share them all with you guys, especially those of you who already know some of the characters. (Yes Jaidee is bouncing around desperate to have her stories shared, so, really, I must get writing hadn’t I.)

In other news related to the start of this ramble I have found the dress style I wish to have made for me when I reach my target weight. I stumbled upon it in tumblr and it was instantly love. *makes grabby hands*

In other news I reached 100 official followers of this blog with my last post and I just want to say hello to everyone and please feel free to leave comments and interact. I only bite when you ask nicely 😉