Music Muse Monday – The Celtic Circle

So Monday has rolled around again and my muse was awfully quiet on the weekend. So even though I am at work I am trying to get her to wake back up. Sending in the cavalry so to speak. To achieve this I have opened one of my writing playlists to listen to as I do the payroll and enter tally sheets. (Honestly you would be as surprised as I am as to how many codes there can possibly be for shearing sheep….)

Now in this playlist are many different kinds of music but today I thought I would focus on The Celtic Circle CD set, and The Celtic Circle 2 CD set. I would not be able to tell you how many times I have listened to the discs, (both are 2 CD sets) and have a range of music on them. I’ve selected two songs that are very much capturing my imagination today. If you like Celtic Music I would urge you to check the CDs out, they have a diverse range of what they call Celtic Music and I think there is something on there for everyone.

First up – “Nocturne” by Secret Garden

And second – “Who wants to live forever” by Dune

Now, hands up who has a sudden urge to watch “Highlander”?


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