Standing at the edge

Taking the risks, letting yourself fly…and all the other lovely clichés are truly terrifying things. I should know, I’m the princess of standing at the edge and looking out without actually taking the leap. More and more lately I feel like I am be pushed to taking the chance, making the choice and leaping.

Just the thought of it when I am in some moods is enough to make me freak out, to make my stomach threaten to leap out of my throat and pull my heart along. With risk there is the chance of failure and failure is not something I wish to accept or endure. Not in this realm. I mean I know there will be little failures on the way to success, there always is.

But to achieve my dreams I have to take the plunge and the fear can be almost crippling at times, I know it’s definitely powerful in the way that it can make other things so much more interesting while I should be working on my dream, which in this case is doing research, creating a website, writing, you know…all the things that will actually get me somewhere.

I have my second short story being published day after tomorrow, I should be more excited than I am this morning, this morning I am just all too aware of the fact that I’ve spent the last few days, maybe week or more, holding myself back from achieving what I could be. I’ve used all the excuses and as valid as they are they are still just that; if I wanted to put the effort in I would.

I guess it’s time to take on board a little life quote I believe I’ve shared before:

Feel the fear. Do it anyway.


6 thoughts on “Standing at the edge

  1. I understand 100% I’m about to start an etsy store to start my art stuffs… I’m making stuff to put on it but posting them seems really terrifying.. And then my whole relationship stuff… Doing anything about that clusterfuck is scary too.. It’s scary because it isn’t certain… At least with the art I keep telling myself at least I won’t die.. Worst that can happen is people think I’m complete shit..

    1. Business related changes are scary, relationship and lifestyle changes are down right terrifying. But once they happen and things turn out, the rewards and good feelings are so worth it.

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