The need for a nap day

Today is one of those days where the line between awake and sleep has blurred. I am awake but I don’t feel that I have completely left my dreaming state behind, nor can I shake off the urge to be snuggled up with blankies and pillows and just nap away the day with beloved movies in the background.

Everyone has days like this from time to time. The shame is that due to the commitments of being a “grown-up” we cannot simply take advantage of them. What would the world be like if we had more freedom and the ability to do as our body and psyche desired?

Our body likes to tell us what it needs by giving us cravings for food, especially while pregnant. We will often act on this, but we so often ignore or have to ignore the other cravings our body, mind and soul trigger. Like having a lazy nap day cuddled on the couch with a partner, a family member, a large fluffy teddy bear or a squishy triangle pillow. How many of us would actually work harder and better the next day if we could take the time to indulge like this? We are primed to be busy and productive all the time, taking a day off to veg, blob, unwind…is so often frowned upon by others and even ourselves.

Alas I can’t take my own good advice today, the payroll won’t do itself and I’ve got that whole dressed and fed and act like a grown-up thing going on, when all I want is to snuggle up on the couch and doze while a favourite movie plays in the background or perhaps some classical or Celtic music.

Work calls and I shall sleepily comply.


4 thoughts on “The need for a nap day

  1. One day the work model will change and we’ll be able to have rest days in the week. I work better if I work four days a week with a day in the middle off. Or if the body is bad, just the afternoon or just the morning.There has to be a way of being employed and not becoming a robot.

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