Blogs, dreams, vampires and Tuesday

I have had a ton of ideas for blog posts lately and none come to fruition. I admit to having been distracted by other things a lot lately, my RP, having family around, The Covenant *shifty* but my heart and mind haven’t been in the blog… which is ironic because I am seriously considering being more serious about my blogging. My biggest thing with doing that is…what do I blog about? What do people want to read? There are a million and one others out there, everyone sharing their opinion and their knowledge. So how do I go about this?

Work being the way it is, I am thinking about the future and longevity of my enterprises. I know I want my writing to be my main avenue and source of income but I am also realistic enough to know that I have to have a fall back because, A) that won’t happen overnight and B) not everyone can be JK Rowling or Stephen King.

So what then? Right now I’m not sure. So I keep thinking. It doesn’t help that I planned to have a massive brainstorming session today, meditate first and then go for gold…only to realise after I planned this that it was not Wednesday here in Middle Earth, it was in fact Tuesday which means I am working all day. *Headdesk* I feel like Sam in Supernatural. But today is Tuesday.

I was already quite off balance as it was. I had my usual insane dreams. I woke before I could finish the last, it involved a cabin that could only be seen when the magic man had his hand on the book of dark magic, a big heist, and me having to pick between, the money, John (a rather lovely undercover cop), Michael and Owen (from Nikita) and letting the Nothingness take over the planet. Honestly even if the dream had continued…how the heck does a girl pick just one of those options? So I woke mid dream and feel all twitchy from it.

So there you have today’s ramble. I will try and get back into more regular posting. I have some ideas for top 5’s to share and more writing I want to give you a glimpse of. I need to get focused and finish some short stories and to finish Babypire. It’s hard to write that one sometimes, it’s a mix of humour and vampires. And not the eat animals in the forest and be all nice to people kind. So it’s a little hard to get that balance perfectly, I have to be in the right mood. But I do want to write more for that, get it finished….you know the drill.

Right, got to get ready for work….

Haha, I just wanted an excuse to use that gif really…


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