Do what you love ramble

Sam and I were talking yesterday, as we do, in this case we were talking about our clothing line. It got us talking about our designs and how as a teenager I used to often draw clothing designs in my notebook, right up until one of the other girls had a look and told me I sucked at drawing clothes and mocked what I had done.

I was in my 20’s before I even attempted doing it again and I was very harsh and judgemental on what I had done, I generally am with each attempt.

People suck.

One comment I made was, how good would I be now if I had never stopped, if I had kept trying, each attempt would have seen me improving and by now I might have been amazing at it, but all it took was one person who couldn’t see how much I enjoyed, couldn’t see what affect her words would have on an insecure teenager. It made me think about how quick we are to tell people that they aren’t good at something, how quick we are to tell them that they shouldn’t be doing something because they might not be getting it perfect. How many kids have given up on things that they could have been amazing at by their teen years, by their adult years, all because people speak without thinking?

I’m making a conscious decision to not be that person. I have no idea if I have been, maybe, I’d hate to think that I’ve made someone feel bad about not being perfect at something they love, if I have then I am sorry. I will try not to do it again because we should all believe in doing what we love, and practice makes perfect.


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