Curtains, dreams and forgetting the key to happiness.

Yesterday most of the day was lost with curtains. We put rails and curtains up in three rooms, including the master bedroom, so I had high hopes for sleep. You know what they say about needing complete darkness for the best sleep. I always dream so I assumed there would be dreams.

I slept like a baby.

I dreamed.

I woke feeling like I had discovered my destiny in amongst the running, the hiding, the saving, the strange landscapes that were familiar and yet not quite right… unfortunately about ten minutes after waking the dreams had become blurry to the point of not really remembering them. However this feeling remained. I feel energised for my future endeavours, that I’ve discovered the perfect way for me to move my life forward for financial success without relying on ‘the man’. I just don’t remember what it was and I am so frustrated. The best description I can give is…when you feel like you could do magic if you could just reach beyond that wall in your mind. I feel like that, it’s frustrating but at the same time I can’t shake off this happy feeling, this excitement and desire to get up and get moving and just do it. (Maybe I need to buy sneakers?)

So I’m letting my mind wander. It has been a lot lately. I have ideas bursting in my head all the time but can’t seem to settle on one. But it has been suggested to me that I create a youtube persona. Right now this idea is intriguing me. *strokes my imaginary beard*

Whatever the future is, I’m excited for it.


2 thoughts on “Curtains, dreams and forgetting the key to happiness.

  1. Not gonna lie… if you created a youtube account I’d probably fangirl over your accent.. I /love/ accents different from mine as long as I can still make out the words.. no matter if they’re from a different part of the US or a different country. I like to think about what might have influenced them and such.

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