Random ramble on social media

So this morning has been interesting so far. After dreams of the usual nature, saving children, fighting bad guys who seem to be the black helicopter variety, epic post fight seduction and as always a large field that needs to be run across with no cover and no choice… not sure why I often have that scenario in my dreams. Oh and one dream about publishing except we didn’t use computers we had these big screens hovering like holograms above us and well, everyone could see everything that everyone was doing.

Which leads to the next point of this morning – Facebook and a deep discussion on what it has turned into. I kind of miss when it was just people oversharing on their lives and what appointments they had and how the kids ate dinner. Now I don’t even know what is going on in most people’s lives unless I read between the lines of the memes which seem to often be passive aggressive attacks on their other friends, of which they seem to have about 4,000 and somehow I very much doubt those people are all actually real friends. I admit, I used to be friends with a whole lot more people on their who weren’t actually friends and one day I asked myself, why am I letting these strangers know all about me, know all about my son and my family? And so I did a bit of unfriending, of course drama ensued because god forbid someone do what is right for them at the cost of someone they’ve played a game with for a few months and never actually really spoken to.

Now I get it, we have many of these friends on the internet, people we have a bit of a giggle with, maybe play a game, send the odd picture or meme but at the end of the day you know they don’t give a damn about what is going on in your life, then again we have these people in day to day real life too, often in the workplace. And that is fine, absolutely fine. However if you have someone you talk to on the bus a couple of times a week and you take a later bus I’m pretty sure they won’t launch a hate filled attack and try to get the whole bus to hate you, which is what I’ve seen done to people online.

Was there a point to this ramble? I’m not honestly sure. I just needed to get this all out I think because I’ve been thinking on it basically every time I log into Facebook. We should be free to do whatever we want with our accounts, we also should be free to like anything we like without it allowing your friends to creepy stalk the feed to see each and everything you did because that is well creepy. I’ve stopped liking things so much because while I’m sure that majority of friends and family won’t be doing that, I just don’t like it on principle now.

So long story not very short, I don’t think I’ll be using Facebook all that much other than updates and photos on the family posted up for those I think give a damn. And quite honestly if you don’t give a damn about me or my family, then I promise I won’t start any drama if you simply unfriend me, because I don’t understand why you would be friended with me in the first place if you feel that way.

I’ll stick with being a twitter girl, which by the way there might be some unfollowing going on there too.

It’s just one of those days I think, I want the people in my life that I want in my life, people that care about me and that are good for me. I culled a few people from my life this year that simply weren’t good for me, or weren’t nice people. Hard as it was in some cases wow are my days generally happier.

That said….to my friends, and to those I do keep around as acquaintances for a giggle or a hug, even if you never ask how my day is going, I still appreciate each and every single one of you.


4 thoughts on “Random ramble on social media

  1. The only foreseeable problem with unfollowing on twitter is, those weirdos can still see your tweets. I remember once upon a time, you could lock your account and then have the option of removing certain followers. Now, you have to block them, which has always seemed to me to be a sort of “I hate you and never want to talk to you again,” sort of move. What if you don’t hate them, you just don’t necessarily want them to know what you’re tweeting about?

    1. I don’t really care about anyone seeing my tweets. To be honest those that I want to unfollow on twitter are the authors and publishing places that tweet the same tweets over and over and over to try and get me to look at their book, the review, the blog posts. Once I’ve actually looked seeing the same tweet telling me to do it over and over just clogs up my TL and I can’t see the people I actually want to see. My follow everyone back because it seems to be the thing to do to get published is just blah. My twitter should be about what I want. Oh look another rambling rant.

  2. I got off facebook for the opposite reason. The people who wanted to know too much about my life. I had family that stalked my likes, pictures, posts, comments.. everything and would tell me how unladylike or unchristian or how my daddy would be ashamed of whatever.. Even when I was a married adult. I quit posting for over a year and got sick of them still stalking things I was tagged in by others and them tagging me to bible things.. so away it went. It was actually very therapeutic deleting it.. I think I may have even evil laughed at the fact I was cutting off their main source of information.

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