Hate Hate Hate Loathe Entirely

So it’s been an up and down kind of a time lately, most of you will know that. Today has been a real rollercoaster of emotions starting with being tired because the Kmonster has tonsillitis again, but this post isn’t really about that, it’s about something else. I came across an old message as I was cleaning out my email account, a “friend” who messaged me to say a person I used to be friends with that she was still friends with, hated me with a passion. Reading this ancient message I thought about a few things, for starters, how every high school that was. It was years ago now, but still years after high school, sometimes we just don’t grow out of some behaviours it seems.

But it got me thinking about hate, I thought about that girl who I haven’t really thought about in many moons and wondered if I hated her. I’d probably be within my rights to hate her because she hurt a lot of people I care about, myself included with her actions, and yes though it was just online and centred around a game we all used to be part of, it still counts and still hurt people.

I realised I didn’t hate her, if anything I pitied her but on the whole I just didn’t care enough about her to have much of a reaction these days. I thought about some other people who have come and gone from my life, even back to my childhood bully who left more scars on my soul than she will ever know and I realised I didn’t hate her, I didn’t hate any of them.

I do know people who hate, who have that kind of dark and passionate response to a person, but I just can’t think of anyone who I feel that way about, even people that really truly hurt me, I don’t hate them….I’m not sure if I forgive them…but I don’t hate them.

I don’t know why that is…

I don’t know if that is a bad thing…

Could I be too forgiving and loving, or is it that I just stop caring about a person so hate is a waste of good energy when I don’t want or need to give them any time or thought. I don’t know as yet, but it got me thinking. It also got me thinking about the word hate…I admit I use it too readily when I just mean dislike and that has been the case since I was a kid and being told off for using the H word, especially in heated arguments with siblings, parental units, grandparental units and their siblings. Back then I never once meant it and if I use it now it’s more likely I mean dislike or if I am feeling strongly about it and channelling the Grinch, loathe entirely…

Food for thought and all that.

What is hate and do we really mean it when we say it?


8 thoughts on “Hate Hate Hate Loathe Entirely

  1. I don’t know.. I often contemplate what hate truly is.. And if it’s something I feel a little or a lot.. I’m not sure.. But I do know the thing that has the most negative feelings and thoughts for me is a spider.. So if I do reach the threshold of where dislike becomes hate or even loathing then the spiders definitely have it.

    1. I can understand that lol. But I think I have a strong dislike, nothing personal really. But then again I don’t have terrifying ones at every turn living here in NZ…that might change if I had a higher fear factor.

      1. Lol. I have a theory that spiders aren’t even made of atoms and molecules.. They’re just concentrated evil with too many legs.

  2. So completely random because I’m a pain in the ass like that, but when you asked “what is hate?” I totally got that Howard Jones song stuck in my head… “What is loooooooove anyway? Does anybody love anybody anyway?” lolol But really I think you’re on the right track. Hate is just a waste of energy. Let it go because they’re just not worth it.

  3. Hate to me is to wish to see someone or something suffer horribly and enjoy watching it. Hate is that little spark of dark glee when someone you loathe is suffering. Personally, hate is a very short lived thing in my life, for the most part. Hate requires energy. Hate requires that that person becomes a large part of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. For me, I’d rather forget the person, and not waste all that energy on destruction. All hate really does is hurt you. It makes us sick, it makes us obsessive and it makes us focus on things that are not helping the world or our lives. I’d rather spend all that energy on people that matter, projects and dreams that matter. Why waste it on the little pile of shit who tries to ruin your life in one way or another?

    Translation: I think you not indulging in hate and instead letting go of the fucktards in your life, is a GOOD thing. ❤

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