Happy Hatchday Kaeden


5 years ago I was induced after my pregnancy went two weeks late. I wasn’t allowed to continue on under my own steam for safety reasons. I started the procedure at 8am and sometime in the afternoon things started to get going. (Don’t ask me times, a lot of that day and night is a blur). My midwife was sick but tried her best along with my husband and my mother to get me through it. For some reason due to an old hip injury the epidural didn’t work properly and my off the chart contractions were felt. 8am the next morning with both me and the unborn baby in distress I was wheeled in for an emergency caesarean. Kaeden was born at 8:58 17/7/08. (Which was always entertaining since  my birthdate is 17/8). Now 5 years on he’s an amazing little boy who is part Captain America and part Loki and dresses up as Batman.

I couldn’t have asked for a better son, we have our moments of course, all parents and children do, but I love him and want the best for him. He’s an amazing child, clever, witty and with a smile that can slay all who come across him.

So Happy Hatchday, Kaeden. Mummy loves you so very very much.


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