In Ageless Sleep She Finds Repose

So it’s been a while and here we are again. I’ve been quiet for a few reasons, one of the biggest being the main thing I want to blog about I can’t. Not yet. Which is all cryptic and mysterious but see that’s the thing with social media and a public forum, anything can get back to anyone and well, hence me being secret squirrel until it doesn’t matter…but in the time in between things will be waking back up here, I’ll be waking back up. So we’re starting this off with sleeping. I found this picture by Glenn Arthur on Tumblr and I fell in love.


I love the story of Sleeping Beauty…even if the original is a bit of a downer, then again, all the originals are.

So here we go, Sleeping Beauty is waking from her repose. Be prepared, there will be rambling.



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