Have I told you lately that I love you?

Death is always hard, whether it’s the very young, the very old and every age in between, to lose a person who has touched your heart and soul leaves a mark of the loss inside you. Whether it’s expected or not, it doesn’t matter, the loss still hits you no matter how long you’ve been preparing for it.

It’s why I live in certain ways, I finish phone calls with loved ones telling them that I love them. I’m not afraid to tell my friends and family how much I love them, that I miss them, or to hug the stuffing out of them. Because who knows when they will be gone and who knows when I will be gone. I don’t want to be gone and have anyone doubt for a moment that I cared about them.

So today as we mourn a death in our family I plan on making sure every single person knows I love them, like them, and there will be hugs.

Life is fleeting, love for all you’re worth.

And now. #attackhugs



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