Monthly Archives: October 2013

Long weekend at the Bay

So it was a four day weekend here in the Bay and with guests visiting from Auckland it was all go. Sightseeing, the show, the sunshine, the wine, the kids, the miniature train rides, the farmer’s market… I need a weekend to nap and recover now. Alas someone screwed up when sorting out the days of the week and we don’t get a weekend after a weekend.

However, I took a few photos, just with my phone camera and I thought I would share a couple to show how pretty this weekend was and how pretty the Hawke’s Bay is.


To be in love

So I was inspired to write poetry this morning, haven’t been in forever, and love poetry no less. So I thought I would share it.

To be in love was to make her fragile.
To be in love was to be strong and weak in the same moment. To be loved made her strong but she knew she could so easily be broken.
Love was not constant, love evolved, it changed. Sometimes it was not even love in hindsight. Sometimes love was too much, sometimes it was not enough. 
Love was sometimes unrequited, love sometimes turned into a sickness and crossed in to obsession.
Love was need, want, desire…it was losing yourself to become a new entity.
Love was scary, love was a risk.
Love was worth it. 
She needed love, to love and to be loved. 
To be in love. 
And she was in love, she did love, she was loved. 
If love ever died or changed she would have no regrets, for in this moment she knew love and love was to live.


Beware the SSS

I’m overtired this morning and the coffee is only half made, so randomness has ensued. I got an email from Sam stating that Pinterest had stolen her soul. This lead to me replying to beware of the soul stealing site. I don’t know why but this amuses the hell out of me. I feel like I should have a sammich board and be preaching to the masses about the very real danger of the SSS. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest….the list goes on.

On one level it’s very silly and making me giggle.

On another level it is actually a real thing. Honestly, how much could some of us achieve if we weren’t slaves to the SSS?

There is no point to this gif, as I already said….I’m overtired, stupid things amuse me today.

It’s late and this made me giggle

I don’t know what this is, I found it on tumblr. It’s late and my brain is mushy from working on business ideas and I might have had some beer, but this has me giggling and smiling. I have no idea what is going on but oh my lord, Hulk looks so sad.

Take a moment for some laughter today. It’s good and healthy.

A walk in springtime

So yesterday my walk plans were foiled by the annoying bursts of rain that plagued me. I swear that cloud was just out to get me. But today, no clouds, no excuse and I went for my first walk since getting sick about a month ago. It was lovely. Spring has definitely sprung.

I took a few photos with my phone of some of the pretty I saw while walking and thought I would share it. I love spring.