Why not now?

So today is my first day at home after my near death experience. Okay I had bronchitis so I wasn’t really on deaths door. But anyone who knows me knows that I am nothing if not dramatic.

So today is me getting my life back in order after that. A huge stress got lifted yesterday when our house we’ve been renting out went unconditional. Huge, huge weight lifted as it was getting to the point where it was bleeding us of money. Yay for buying at the height of the property boom and selling after the crash.

So anyway, that stress has been lifted, just one more major stress to be relieved and I can be a lot happier and stress free. Which had led to today’s string of thoughts. I keep saying I will do this when this happens and maybe once this has changed I’ll be able to blah blah. But why wait? Why keep putting things off until all the stars line up? There will always be something going on, always be a reason to hold back and wait. So why not just act now?

I admit I’ve been using many things as excuses to not write, which is, well, not right. No more. I’m sick of being asked about how my books are going and saying “Well they haven’t been going so much lately.”

Unless I make the decision and commit the time and the effort things aren’t going to get done and things aren’t going to change. So day one today, why shouldn’t I do it all now?

First things first, child to school and then back into my walking.


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