I use what weapons I have at hand

Majority of you will not have read this post on tumblr.


It’s a post about Susan after Narnia. But more than that it’s a post about the power of a woman, a queen who knows that a woman is ruler of her own body, that a woman uses what weapons we have available to us, that it is not about vanity, it is about power. It is about knowing the cost of war and knowing how to stop a war before it even starts. It is about being strong no matter the tragedy you have faced, it is about standing up for what you believe in and that being a strong woman does not make you anything less. It does not make you sinful to know the power of lipstick.

I’ve read it before, I read it regularly because it’s nice to remember my own power. Sometimes we forget that we all have power inside us, we all have strength.

There was another reason I read it today. Shortly, I had hoped tomorrow but if I’m honest with myself I might take another week just to get everything ready, but I will be launching my new website, my new attempt at taking over the world…I mean what? *shifty* The name, Entice the Mind, and one thing I need to be is confident in myself, confident as a woman, and not to feel the years of society telling me that being a woman who is confident in herself, in her body and yes, very much in her sexuality and desire, is a sin. It is not. Susan lost Narnia, but it seems we all like to believe she didn’t lose herself.


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